Color Profile

ASA Impact and Weathering Resistance Color Resin

KÖMMERLING utilizes the specially developed ASA impact and weathering resistance resin this resin has a stable modular structure and does not have sensible radicals to ultraviolet radiations, which creates outstanding weathering resistance. On the premise of this performance, it also realizes a glazed, smooth surface and good impact resistance, it is not necessary to be concerned with the problem of strength reduction and uneven de-pigmentation.

Body Colored Foiled/Co-extruded Profile

Through adding pigments into extruded profiles, Profiles can be colored evenly. For the Brown Body Colored Profile System, the indoor and outdoor sides can be foiled or co-extruded with the color layer, so as to ensure profiles performance in resisting the harsh weather, so they can be used outdoors without foil and increase the aesthetic appearance

KÖMMERLING Foiled color Profile

KÖMMERLING was one of the first companies to apply the technology, and has over 20 years of experience in color foiled technology. The advanced technology and high quality builds up a strong base for KÖMMERLING to be the No. 1 European U-PVC window profile company.

Scientific Structure of KÖMMERLING Color Foiled Profile

There are 2 layers of color foil of KÖMMERLING color profile. The laminating structure foil and Acryl-UV- Protection foil guarantee it's outstanding quality. The multiple materials also have the ability to prevent certain mechanical scratch damage. The laminating structure presents lifelike wood grain design. The Acryl-UV-Protection foil makes the profile have excellent age resistance outdoors. KÖMMERLING Color Profile has the most ideal techniques, combining the advantages of PVC and macro-molecular materials.

KÖMMERLING Color Profile Make colorful buildings