Product Comparison Sheet

Sr. No. Description Wood Aluminium KÖMMERLING U-PVC
1 High Impact Resistance No No Yes
2 Unaffected by Temprature No No Yes
3 Corrosion Resistance Yes No Yes
4 Resistance to Exhaust Fumes and Building Industry Chemicals No No Yes
5 Ageing Resistance No No Yes
6 Sea Water Resistance No No Yes
7 Protective Painting or Polishing Required Yes Yes No
8 High Insulation Qualities Yes No Yes
9 Good Sound Dampening No No Yes
10 Wind Proof No No Yes
11 No condensation or thermal expansion No No Yes
12 Adaptable to meet Architectural requirement Yes No Yes
13 Can be formed into aesthetically pleasing shapes Yes No Yes
14 Can be used in most varied climatic conditions No Yes Yes
15 Qualities and apparance are stable even after year of external use No No Yes
16 Ecologically sound as it is practically 100% recyclable No No Yes

Merit of KÖMMERLING U-PVC systems over other products

Sr. No. Description KÖMMERLING U-PVC Others
1 Tropical Mix Yes No
2 Unleaded Stabilizers Yes Few
3 Less amount of filter content Yes No
4 Higher wall thickness >2.2 - 2.4 mm <2.0 - 2.2 mm
5 International Certifications Yes No
6 Higher Energy Ratings Yes No
7 Higher Surface Gloss Yes No
8 Fire Certificate Yes No
9 Low emission of toxic gases Yes No
10 Low level of decompositions yes No
11 EPDM Gasket for optimum sealing Yes Few
12 Special design for optimum acoustic /thermal insulation Yes No
13 Best Hardware Compatibility Yes No
14 Compatibility with varied glass thickness Yes Yes
15 Experience >50 Years -
16 Expert customized solutions Yes No