1966-1996 Hamm-Westtünnen
1969-1984 Norderney in north sea
1969-1986 Essen/Ruhr area
1969-1986 Essen/Ruhr area

Steel like new
The frame and sash were cut open in the area around the horizontally pivoted sash.The window was already reinforced with galvanized steel.No corrosion had occurred on the galvanized surface nor was there any rust on the fore-part.

No changes to the wood
Solid wood was used for added rigidity the exotic wood had not been attacked by rot, fungus or any insects. Its structure and taxability were such that it was still full functional.

A solid seal
These three examples show once again that hollows chambers of the PVC-U profiles provide lasting protection against damp for the enclosed reinforcement.

1969-1986. Seventeen years in Essen/Ruhr area
The test window satisfies current directives with regards to joint permeability,

Initial Examination of the test window were carried out in January 1987. In terms of the joint permeability and its resistance of driving rain .The PVC-U window not only complied with the state of the art in 1969,retaining all its functions, but also satisfied the specified figures from 1987 for this building height. It also met all official sound insulation requirements,even with the original,17-years old installed when it was new! Measurements of its resistance to ageing were conducted at the suddeutsche Kunststoffzentrum in accordance with european standards. Both the tests under the influence of heart(DHC) and the test of artificially induced decomposition the durability of the material in the old PVC-U profiles from Essen In particular this examination showed for the first time that KOMMERLING PVC-U windows last considerably longer than had been previously assumed.


Meeting DHC test requirements
In the dehydrochlorination test(DHC) heart applied to measure the thermal stability of the material. The stability period provides information about changes in the chemical structure of the test pieces.


Passing DSC test
The differential thermal analysis(DSC) test provides simultaneous comparison of the time that crystallization of plastic commences, for old PVC and fresh PVC-U samples. Resistance to ageing was again demonstrated here.