Q: Why change to U-PVC windows instead of aluminum or wood windows?

A: U-PVC withstands assaults from moisture, heat, cold, humidity, salt, pollutants, and acid rain; assaults that can and do affect wood and metal. U-PVC windows and patio doors never flake, blister, stick, rot, rust, peel or corrode. U-PVC's color is integral throughout the material, so scratches go virtually unnoticed. You never have to paint, strip, sand or lubricate vinyl windows or patio doors. U-PVC is truly the most durable, lowest maintenance window and patio door material available.

Q: Is U-PVC the same as plastic?

A: No. U-PVC windows and doors are made from unplasticised Poly Vinyl Chloride (U-PVC) which is an entirely different chemical composition than plastic toys. U-PVC is much stronger, durable and more weather resistant than plastic.

Q: Will the U-PVC peel like my wood doors and windows?

A: No, the color is not painted on, but is through out the entire shape of the material. If you cut through it, you will see that it is all the same color.

Q: Will I ever have to paint my Win- Square windows and doors?

A: No. That is the beauty of U-PVC and particularly the high quality Kommerling U-PVC material Win-Square Windows and Doors uses in the manufacture of their product.

Q: I have a HOME located near the ocean. How will the salt air and salt water effect my Win-Square windows and doors?

A: It will not affect your Win-Square U-PVC windows and doors. U-PVC has been used for years by boat manufacturers because of its endurance and resistance to salt water. If you were to put a length of the material into the ocean and let it sit there for a year, when you took it out of the water it would not show any corrosion.

Q: Is all of the U-PVC used in windows and doors the same?

A: Unfortunately not. Win-Square uses high quality Kommerling profile -  the most admired profile in the industry, and that is voluntarily tested to the tough German,  British, American  standards. Since this is not required by any government body, not all manufacturers test their material or use material that meets these standards.

Q: How can I be sure the U-PVC used in my window is the best available?

A: Ask the manufacturer of the window if the U-PVC extrusions are AAMA (American Architectural Manufacturers Association) certified. This is an industry wide program to guarantee you that you are getting a high quality U-PVC material. If the manufacturer can't answer this question, you may want to find another manufacturer for your windows.

NOTE: Most manufacturers use U-PVC extrusions that meet the minimum AAMA certification. Kommerling components and extrusions use more expensive modifiers and significantly exceed AAMA specifications.

Q: How expensive is it to replace my old wood windows with new U-PVC replacement windows?

A: A remodeling contractor will spend several hours removing an old wood window from the frame of your house and then installing a new wood window. This will be slow and expensive work, and there will be a considerable amount of finish work and painting to be done after the installation. Most U-PVC replacement windows are designed to fit inside your existing window frame and there is virtually no additional work to be done following installation.

Q: Are Win-Square windows and doors made with insulated or some type of thermal glass?

A: Yes, we manufacture our windows and doors with a thermally efficient insulated glass panel.

Q: Why should I consider insulated glass windows and doors?

A: The insulated glass provides greater insulation value than single pane glass. The air trapped between the glass reduces the conduction of heat and cold through the window. Single pane glass has an R-value of about 1.0 and a clear insulated glass unit in a vinyl window has a typical R-value of 2.0 or higher. You can also improve on the R-value with Low E glass.

Q: Can I get a custom sized window or door?

A: Absolutely and we can do it for a reasonable price in a reasonable amount of time.

If we haven't answered your particular question, please feel free to e-mail us at contact@winsquare.in and we'll get back to you.