Today, U-PVC is the most successful window material and its market share is constantly growing. In residential construction, its share is of 60 % whereas even seven out of ten windows used in renovation of old buildings are made of U-PVC materials.

A success story that has run over more than 100 years. KÖMMERLING is the brand with a tradition within the profine group. Profine GmbH - the international profile group with a future. A company that possesses the crucial prerequisites to lead and define tomorrow’s market.

Headquartered in Troisdorf, Germany and production sites in Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Russia, Ukraine, China and the USA together with an employee strength of 3350 in 28 locations in 21 countries and successful brands KBE, KÖMMERLING and TROCAL, the company has the right profile for every purpose and are the world-wide No. 1 manufacturer of U-PVC window and door profiles.

A sales volume of 660 million euros in the year 2009(consolidated) and a current production capacity about 450,000 tons annually of high-quality U-PVC profiles are convincing proof of the capabilities and the trust of their customers.

For nearly ten years KÖMMERLING has been producing U-PVC profiles extensively with "greenline" stabilisers based on eco friendly calcium and zinc and have done away completely with lead in the virgin material.

Their products fulfil all of the requirements for thermal insulation and the associated energy efficiency. They return a sustainable CO2 balance and a superior price-performance ratio coupled with a long service life. They therefore fulfil and exceed the functional requirements of specialized window manufacturers, architects, developers, and end users demand from these sectors.

KÖMMERLING places a strong emphasis on system thinking. Quality from KÖMMERLING means not only the homogeneous range of products but also supporting the product all the way from research and development to production and then from professional application up to ecologically correct recycling.