1966-1996 Hamm-Westtünnen
1969-1984 Norderney in north sea
1969-1986 Essen/Ruhr area
1969-1986 Essen/Ruhr area
Tests on a house standing alone
This single-family house was built in 1969 close to the north Sea. the top of the sea wall in only 80 m from the house with mud flats on the other side. The house is not protected at all from continuous attack by the north sea weather, and there are no sheltering trees either
No reason to remove them
Two KÖMMERLING windows were removed from the house under examination: the north facing kitchen window and living room window on the west side. Apart from the purpose of examination there was no need at all for the old windows to be removed
Excellent results on the examination
Laboratory tests revealed that, vISUALLY technically, both windows were excellent condition. Following removal of the seal applied by a notary at the test laboratory, it was established designation and original dimensions were correct, and that the windows under examination showed no distortion in any direction.
1969-1984. Fifteen years on Norderney in the North Sea
An early test report with some astonishing results for it's time.

By 1984 U-PVC window had already captured a substantial share of the market and were certainly no longer considered "exotic" Nevertheless, the The developer of the large project close to the sea insisted on a proof of durability before awarding the contract. Consequently, two "old" KÖMMERLING windows were removed from a building on norderneyand examined. The technical assessment of the profiles produces an outstanding picture: steel reinforcement as a new, no wear on the seals, no scratches or cracks on the frames and sashes. the DHC (dehydrochlorination) and DSC( artificially induced decomposition) measurements carried out bySKZ ( South German Plastics Institute) in wurzburg confirmed th thermal stability of the material. The RAL and U.E.A t.c. directives applied to the dismantled window revealed that , in term of weather and impact resistance, as well as thermo -stability, they were as good as new. During fifteen years of use, The house -owners reported having spent nothing on window repairs. After receiving this test report, the developer awarded the contract to KÖMMERLING

Letter and seal
From dismantling to the completion of the test were o be absolutely impartial. The entire process was , therefore, scrutinized by a notary and assessed by a number of wit-nesses.
  Good condition
The external condition was good and the dimensions has not altered. The profiles displayed neighter cracks not scratches, and neither was any damage or deformation apparent
All clear
The inside of the profile was clean, although externally they were dirty. They were easily cleaned using a damp rag and this revealed that the color was the same as on the inside.
  No Yellowing
In cross-profile the window profiles were even, and this applied equally to the thickness of the side, the chamber and the separating bars.Even close examination failed to reveal any changes in the color of white profile.

A shine like new
During the tests special attention focused on the inserted rainforcing bar, an galvanized steel C profile.
There were no traces of corrosion or zinc efflorescence