1966-1996 Hamm-Westtünnen
1969-1984 Norderney in north sea
1969-1986 Essen/Ruhr area
1969-1986 Essen/Ruhr area
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Quality takes Precedence

KÖMMERLING has been making technical advances with it's system since 1967. the award of several assurance certificates has helped to bring international success. Tests are carried out at all stages - from the raw materials to the extrusion and profiles, and installed windows. Of all the components of a building, windows are subjected to some of the severest wear and stress: heat and cold, UV radiations and pollutants, hurricane force gusts and cloudbursts, along with extremes of temperature.
At KÖMMERLING the manufacturing process are outnumbered by the tests conducted in it's own fully certified laboratory , underlining the high standard of in-house research. Internationally recognized institute confirm the outstanding performance of KÖMMERLING window profiles and systems and of the entire building elements. Long term tests on windows that have been dismantled, as shown here prove that they still functions correctly and retain their appearance, and that the long term durability of the materials is achieved with the minimum of maintenance.

  Raw Materials
The initial raw materials test is intended to demonstrate that prescribed chemical and physical properties are maintained. this is precondition for the required performance.
  Chemical Compound
The U-PVC matrix is monitored visually, chemically and physically in accordance with specifications, to attain the highest quality in manufacture, processing and use.
  Process Control
The computerized mixing unit uses precision dosing scales to ensure that the company's own compounds are adhered to when mixing the compound.
The extrusion dies are manufactured in-house to guarantee the necessary degree of precision. The accurate maintenance of the geometry of each profile depends on them.
During extrusion the cross -profiles are constantly monitored by means of measuring projectors to ensure the specified adherence to the precise detailed measurements.
Pressure testing is used to demonstrate outstanding angular strength. The profile are welded on to themselves and display the sort of values that would be obtained if they were made "of one piece".
  Joint Seals
Large scale test stands are used to test the joint seals of window, their stability in high rise conditions, and their resistance to driving rain.